The Ergo-Printer is a unique carousel that has manual pallet rotation and mixture of manual and automatic printheads. The principal benefit of the Ergo-Printer is that it can be used to increase output and simultaneously reduce the physical workload. In addition, print quality is increased, total flexibility is maintained and no extra space is required.

    The Ergo-Printer can be used as a low volume manual or high speed semi-automatic. Using two automatic heads, one operator can print 300 pieces per hour and two operators can print 500 pieces per hour. 4-colour process work can be printed at 300 pieces per hour with two operators.

    The Ergo-Printer runs purely on compressed air but has all the features needed of an automatic printhead - adjustable print and flood squeegee pressure, stroke lenght and speed. It is avaible in 40x40 cm and 50x70 cm print area.

    1 ERGO-Printer built on a MEDIUM M4/R4-Sc-MA carousel. The easy way for one person to do two prints simultaneously.

    2 ERGO-Printers built on a MEDIUM M6/R6-Sc-MA carousel. The easy way for one person to do three prints simultaneously.


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