Weiss Teknik are based in Denmark and have been making carousels and manual screen printing equipment since 1986. They have been sold in large numbers within Europe and have a reputation for being high quality produkts. Our philosophy is that the only difference between the manual carousel and the automatic should be the quantity that can be printed per hour.

    To achive the same print quality as an automatic, a manual carousel must be made to the highest standards. All Weiss machines are constructed, primarily using steel. We have total control over all processes and critical components are over-engineered for long life. The benefit of this for the screenprinter is a machine that is so precise and easy to use that high quality prints can be achieved every time.

    Weiss carousels are built as 2 models, S and M, to accommodate variations in screen size and the number of print stations.The range starts at 1 colour 1 pallet tables and grows to 6 colour 6 pallet carousels. Their modular construction means being able to meet customer needs with very short delivery times. In addition to the standard pallets, we make a wide range of optional hold-down systems for jackets, bags, umbrellas, caps and vacuum pallets for producing transfers.

    All models are »all heads down« with glider-bearings that need no lubrication. Side clamps are standard which provide for better registration, particularly on multi-colour or 4 colour process work. Micro-adjustment is tool-free and quick, using large wheels for precise control. Off-contact is easy to change and pallet or screen leveling is simple. Screen end-clamps are optional, and are extendable to help maximise screen useage where applicable. The machine registration is factory set, checked at installation and will never need adjustment. Fully adjustable pallet heights enables efficient use of all Hold-Down systems.

    The main shaft is very thick, and ensures extremly good stability. The spring for each screen arm is a special »toolmakers« spring which is internationally regulated for quality and strength. All the springs are housed in a steel casing, for safety and neatness of construction. The up-screen position is adjustable, giving a lower setting that is suitable for water-based printing

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