MEDIUM manual carousels for textile.

    4- or 6-colour carousel, delivered either with 4 or 6 rotating printing pallets or with 1 stationary non rotating pallet. To assure a high degree of printing precision the screen frames are mounted with side clamps, the construction of the machine is very rigid and precise which provides you an excellent basis for making quality prints and it is ideally suited to 4-colour pricess work. As options Micro adjustment and a variaty of Hold-Down systems as well as semi automatic printing system, the ERGO-Printer can be supplied.

    The M carousel uses the highest quality components - strong bearings and a single “compression” spring produce a smooth print arm action.

    Side clamps and micro-registration enables excellent adjustment without loosening the screen, for perfect registration that won’t move during printing.
    MEDIUM M6/R6-Sc-MA

    MR4/S1-ScMEDIUM4-coloured with 1 stationary palette, but prepared for rotary
    MR6/S1-ScMEDIUM6-coloured with 1 stationary palette, but prepared for rotary
    M2/R2-ScMEDIUMcarousel2-coloured with 2 turnable palettes
    M2/R4-ScMEDIUMcarousel2-coloured with 4 turnable palettes
    M4/R2-ScMEDIUMcarousel4-coloured with 2 turnable palettes
    M4/R4-ScMEDIUMcarousel4-coloured with 4 turnable palettes
    M4/R6-ScMEDIUMcarousel4-coloured with 6 turnable palettes
    M6/R4-ScMEDIUMcarousel6-coloured with 4 turnable palettes
    M6/R6-ScMEDIUMcarousel6-coloured with 6 turnable palettes
    Sc = Side clamps-All carousels are as standard mounted with 40x60 cm fiberboard palettes

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